Today we find ourselves immersed in an abundance of exciting new technology, connecting us in ways that we have never imagined. However, even though we continue to move forward technically, we’re also falling behind in protecting our most vital resources – our people.

Transdisciplinary Collaboration
Our work depends upon the dedication of humanitarians working together to effectuate social change. We’ll do that by replicating social services that work well, and by improving those that need help. Along with those
Collaborative Solutions

The Road Ahead
We are busy developing a more comprehensive set of collaboration spaces, tools, and opportunities that will essentially empower people anywhere to become an active voice and participant for Social Good.projects we’ll focus on new technology by promoting new products and services within our organization. We eventually want to open up a new way for people to come online and work together in Public Collaboration Initiatives. This will establish a collaborative space where laypeople and professionals alike, can share ideas, follow, mentor, and collaborate. In support of these objectives, we\ll utilize lean business tools, “design thinking”, and progressive innovation methodology – think of the European Service Design Movement, SEE, or the “cross-governmental innovation unit” of the Danish Government, MindLab.

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